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Paticcasamuppada: Practical Dependent Origination

The word 'paticcasamuppada' is probably still a strange and uncommon one, not often heard by most people. But since it is probably not possible to use another word, we will continue using it. It behooves all of you to try to understand the word 'paticcasamuppada' to a greater and greater degree until it comes naturally to you. Those people who have become monks and studied Buddhism have heard this word a bit, but most people will be uncertain about it, which will cause them to become uninterested. In this way, they will not come to understand the most important teaching of Buddhism. I think that we should use this word until, finally, it becomes a matter that is understood by most people.

The reason we must talk about dependent origination is that it is the heart of Buddhism. When we talk about ‘the heart of Buddhism’ most people think of the Four Noble Truths. Please understand that paticcasamuppada is the fullness of the Noble Truths, it is the full measure of the Noble Truths. So let us call it the ‘Great Noble Truth,’ the heart of Buddhism. Therefore, we must talk about it until it is perfectly understood.


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Series: Echoes from the Garden of Liberation

Publisher(s): Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Language(s): English