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Nibbana from Every Angle

“Today, we’ll take a comprehensive look at nibbāna and try to build some understanding of this commonly misunderstood concept. To keep it brief we can limit ourselves to just two main points: the nibbāna that the ordinary individual knows, and that which they don’t. ‘Ordinary individual’ refers to everyday people, those with an everyday level of learning. Putting it bluntly, there’s the nibbāna the ignorant know, and there’s the nibbāna that they don’t know. The first kind, which everyday people know about, is the nibbāna which has almost no meaning at all and isn’t really the concern of Buddhism.”

Commonly Misunderstood Buddhist Principles Series #6. Translated from the Thai by Dhammavidū Bhikkhu. E-published by Buddhadasa Indpanno Archives, 2018.

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Series: Commonly Misunderstood Buddhist Principles

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Publisher(s): Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Language(s): English