No Clinging, No Biting

Even if you don't cling to the goodness you've done,
It still gives good results in return.
Even if you don't cling to the evil you possess,
Further evil is fed according to its nature.

Non-clinging is far better in not biting;
It can be quiet, peaceful, settled, and circumspect.
As soon as you grab something it turns and bites;
Good and evil both bite, to that I can attest.

Non-clinging isn't the least bit heavy, 
Delightfully free of any power to entrap.
The least clinging, jumps you into the pits
Gnawing at the roots and every rung of the heart!

*   *   *


Lovely Work

In fact, this work is lovely:
Before we understand it, we complain,
Unknowing, we avoid it and hide,
Even moan that it is boring.

But truly, this work is lovely:
Teaches people to understand every thing,
The more we work, the smarter we are,
Plunging into difficult things the heart grows.

This work, if you really look, is lovely:
It pulls in Dhamma most praiseworthy,
That is, mindfulness, zeal, and their mates.
When we stop to rest the mind is free — the way to Nibbana.

* * *

Buddhadasa bw01603


I offer this life and body to the Buddha,

the Buddha is my master,

I am the Buddha's servant.

Thus, I am called "Buddhadasa."

* * *

Nalike sd00677

Nalike Pond

Samsara's spinning is just like stormy seas,
but its value splits off in two ways:
now nasty, now good, spinning in time
according to the concocting of conditions.

Just as wax is solid when cooled, then 
melts and flows when subjected to heat, 
the sea of good & evil twitches back & forth
— beyond is freedom, coolness, Nibbana.

"The coconut palm" tho' dwelling midst the sea of wax,
doesn't split with changing conditions.
Rain doesn't touch, lightening doesn't threaten,
because it is beyond the concocting of all evil & good.

* * *

Buddhadasa c01536

Developed World

The worldly progress we call "developed,"
looks more like decaying in order to die out,
or at least, ending faster than natural.
Feeling dismayed, we try to protest.

"Accelerated development" is like accelerated suicide,
natural resources are ruined in a rush,
the results are more excessive than needed,
until total confusion reigns, peace totally lacking.

This world develops materially far beyond its wisdom
Unsatisfied, nobody thinks of stripping away the corruption, 
of high technology running amok unnecessarily.
The more excited, the more depressed — developed world! 

* * *

Morals & Progress

Even today the world is in the dark ages
rushing rapidly towards its own dissolution,
humanism will fall into hellish ruin because 
the spinning blade of destruction is mistaken for a lotus.

Selfishness fills our heads, pushing us under its muck
with a wonderful magic that fills our minds
absorbing everything until the heart is dark
and thinks its sensual infatuation is "progress."

With morals no longer seen as necessary
for living together in peace and happiness;
more crazy than ever with food, fun, and fame
so deluded the insanity seems "moral and just."

* * *

Where is Value?

A sheet of paper worth only pennies
once decorated with noble characters
of Dhammic meaning in good style
has a value beyond estimation.

A mere souvenir notebook given away free
tho' empty is fought over by grasping fools, 
while the sage in search of truth knows 
paper only has value where Dhamma is written.

Even discarded, crumpled wrapping paper
has value from what, do you know?
Even a rotting body fondled by a foolish spouse,
once with Dhamma stops rotting — no more tears!

* * *


Unselfishness showers others with good fruits, 
With inner freedom one always gives easily, 
Before long, the world fills with true friends, 
A world of overflowing riches and pervasive kindness.

Without selfishness, loving kindness emerges naturally 
— Naturally considerate, naturally applying Dhamma in all actions, 
No chance of killing, of stealing, of sexually abusing, 
Not deceiving anyone and not drunk in the least way.

Without selfishness there’s no self to grasp, which 
Ends the source of all the afflictive emotions, thus 
Incapable of greed, hatred, and delusion, maintaining 
Mind-body clean, clear, and calm, approaching Nibbana. 

*   *   *

There's No "Me"!

"Me" myself doesn't really exist,
So where will you find "my wife and kids"?
Not to mention "my wealth" or "my stuff"? 
Because I don't even have a "self" of my own!

If those are the facts, then whatever is it that
Excites and sends body-mind moving around?
It's just body-mind, haven't you noticed? 
Don't you know that body-mind is not "self"?

It's merely wonderful, profound natural change
That thinks, feels, speaks, and acts according to causes
Just ordinary blind aggregates and elements 
Don't idiotically assume that "Me" exists.

*   *   *

Paticca bia


That work gives humanity its true value 
and is of the highest honor there's no doubt. 
If one enjoys work with a blossoming heart, 
soon knowledge of Dhamma deeply pervades.

Because work is the very essence of Dhammic living, 
superbly bringing together wholesome virtues, 
By analogy, compare the intelligent sharpshooter
who with a single shot bags a sack full of birds.

Naturally, work is to be done mindfully, 
with calm focus, patience, and industry, 
with honesty, self-control, and intelligence, 
with faith and courage, truly love your work.

The more one works, the more these dhammas flourish
promoting the transcendent shore without pause; 
seeing the universal characteristics in everything, 
in a flash plunging into vimutti* and freeing itself.

* * *

* Note: vimutti = liberation, release.

Modern System of Buddhism

After awakening to the realization of Dhamma Truth
the Ultimate Reality of Nature, he taught
Sunyata to all beings in all possible ways
so disciples will remove every bit of Self.

Later, the religion fell into the hands
of those who still cling to "Ego" intensely,
and still beg for ordinary sensual pleasures,
thus always looking for a way around.

One kind of Buddhism must be lowered
so that its Triple Gem is for people to pray
for all the things desired by those followers who
have turned away from the transcendent
and are stuck in the world.

* * *

Thai Identity

The Nation, Religion, and Royalty
together make up the broad "Thai Identity"
with mothers, fathers, teachers,
and the monks connecting all the virtues.

Hurry to summon Thai strength without doubts,
not turning away from morals as supporting action
extending long lives as a sign of merit
that upholds "Thainess" securely.

Not recklessly intoxicated with our fame
as if addicted to an opium of infatuation,
or will forever crush Thai without even knowing,
whoever aims to protect Thainess should consider well.

* * *

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