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A Single Bowl of Sauce Solves All the World’s Problems

Buddhism teaches not-self (anatta) as an essential principle. If one realizes the heart of Buddhism, selfishness cannot arise in one. Religions that assert some sort of self or soul may have some difficulties in teaching their followers to have selves that are unselfish. To set a good example, may the followers of Buddhism hurry to realize the essence of their religion, and thereby positively challenge and support other religions. Don’t let Buddhism’s great value go to waste among a populace that shows little interest in its core teachings.

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A Single Bowl of Sauce Solves All the World’s Problems by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

'Messages from Suan Mokkh' Series - No. 3

Translated from the Thai by Santikaro Bhikkhu.

Published by the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives in collaboration with Liberation Park, 2017.

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Series: Messages from Suan Mokkh

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Publisher(s): Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Language(s): English