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Dhamma Yatra V  (22 April - 6 May 2000)

click for overview & links to bulletins ... images coming soon

Dhamma-Yatra as Pilgrimage

a recent published reflection on the meaning of our walks

Khao Sompoch Dhamma-Yatra: Preventing Forest Fires

A somewhat different style of Dhamma walk organized by 
Phra Sekhiyadhamma
friends in Lopburi province (central Siam). 

Dhamma Yatra IV (1999)

Reports, details, & images.

Third Dhammayatra (1998)

Rather than circle the Lake again this year, we will be walking along the Utapao River from the hills & woods of Sadao near the Malaysian border through Had Yai, the South's largest city & worst polluter, down to the Lake.

The First Dhammayatra for Songkhla Lake (1996)

An intrepid band of Buddhists, lead by monks from the Phra Sekhiyadhamma network, circumambulated Thailand's only lake for a period of three weeks during the middle of the 1996 hot season. For details click above. Just added ... some images from the past.

The Second Dhammayatra (1997):

For more information on the Lake and the plans for the second walk (successfully completed in April & May '97) click above. Although this walk is over, the information is for the most part still relevant.

The Second Dhammayatra (1997):

Cambodian Dhammayietra

We got our inspiration from the Peace Walks lead by Venerable Mahaghosananda in Cambodia. These wonderful walks have braved landmines, the Khmer Rouge, corrupt government, and, like us, very hot weather. They began in 1990 and this year was the 8th walk.

(this link will take you outside Suan Mokkh's site)

What is Dhamma Yatra?

Yatra means to walk, so Dhamma-yatra is a Dhamma Walk or March. We recall when the Lord Buddha sent out his first 60 fully awakened disciples to "Proclaim the Dhamma for the well-being, for the good of the Manyfolk."

The Dhamma cannot be cooped up in the Temple, especially when the people are suffering, although hierarchies and elites may want it so. Genuine servants of the Buddha serve the Dhamma through the needs of everyone, not just those in power. By going to the people, we learn more of their realities. We learn not just through information, but through "immersion," through the heart. One local environmentalist and professor who has worked for the Lake's preservation for many years observed "the depth of my feeling and understanding for the Lake and the communities around it doubled through walking these last few days."

Why Dhamma Yatra?

There are many reasons:

Please see related pages (above) for more details.

If you have any questions about Dhamma Yatra, past or present, please contact us atskb email

 or email the Dhamma-Yatra office:

c/o The Coordinating Committee for Southern NGOís
2/44 Soi Ratuthit 22, Tambol Kawhong, 
Amphur Haad Yai, 
Songkhla 90100

tel: (66-74) 230685, 239594 ... fax: (66-74) 230592

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