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bulletBuddha is father, Dhamma is mother, and Sangha is older siblings. (1)
bulletBuddha can be anyone who Knows – Awakens – Flowers. (2)
bulletNo meaning of Nibbana has anything to do with death. (3)
bulletNibbana is gratis when Igo is abandoned. (4)
bulletThere is a meaning of Nibbana for ordinary folks (nibbuto). (5)
bulletNibbana right now (when mind is void) is called "samañika-nibbana" -- something you ought to be most interested in. (6)
bulletNibbana is to be found in the whirl of samsara. (7)
bulletNibbana is Igo dying before the body dies. (8)
bulletDo work and live life with a mind empty of Igo. (9)
bulletEvery aspect of every level of every thing' depends solely upon mind. (10)
bulletMouth one way, heart the other1 -- the path of supreme happiness. (11)
bulletDefilement and enlightenment – both are merely concocted-dhammas. (12)
bulletWith sati at contact (phassa) there's no way for dukkha to be born. (13)
bulletThere is a diamond in the toad's head – the knowledge taught by dukkha. (14)
bulletIgo and Mygo -- our evil archenemies. (15)
bulletBeyond the meaning of every kind of duality -- that's freedom. (16)
bulletThis business of good-evil, happiness-misery, and virtue-sin is not yet peace. (17)
bulletIn Buddhism, hell and heaven are right here at the senses. (18)
bulletPeople who don't see the world are like birds who don't see the sky. (19)
bulletThe true source of happiness and misery is doing wrong or right regarding the law of idappaccayata (conditionality). (20)
bulletDon't go eating meat or eating vegetables. It’s enough just to eat food that's harmless. (21)
bulletHouseholder's Dhamma isn't for householders to sink and get mired into the householder's life, but for release from the householder's life. (22)
bulletWe can end hereditary castes, but the castes of our actions can never be done away with. (23)
Not one of the Buddhas was enlightened at university. (24)
bulletNo Perfected Being (Arahant) is enlightened at university. (25)
bulletThose who do good for heaven's sake ought to know that the Heavenly Ones must move on to a better birth in the human world. (26)
bulletThe word "religion" in its highest meaning is every type and level of means to survive. (27)
bulletEven animals and plants must have a religion of their own sort, that is, a system of survival. (28)
bulletDhamma is difficult to teach because the language we use is insufficient. (29)
bulletThe word sankhara means "concoctions – concocting," not the body aged in order to die. (30)
bulletBuddhism leads to knowing everything that pertains to life without causing dukkha. (31)
bulletNew Life is life in which the problems and questions about dukkha have faded and disappeared. (32)
bulletEvil as well as good are purely despicable (in them is no peace). Whoever wants, peace must escape evil and escape good to be above sin and above virtue. (33)

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“The Dawning of Truths Difficult For Anyone To Believe" is sixth of the seven "Dawnings” in The Eighty Years of Age Remembrance Book From Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (Asitisanvaccharayusamanusarana Jak Buddhadasa Bhikkhu) that he put together for his 1986 birthday observation. It was given to donors at Suan Mokkh for many years and is a keepsake for serious students.


1 A Thai idiom similar to "speak with forked tongue" meaning to speak words that one doesn’t really believe in one's heart. Can you find the Dhamma meaning here?

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